Wow, this one is simple!

1.) We are licensed to provide this particular type of bond. Immigration bonds must be issued by a licensed property/casualty (surety) agent, singing the bond as an attorney-in-fact for an insurer. The insurer must also a be licensed and appear on the U.S. Treasury's approved list of sureties. We do!

2.) We know what we are doing. We have over thirty years of combined experience issuing bonds of all types.

3.) We are prompt. Do you feel that you deserve immediate attention to your call, email, text message or other inquiry? We do!

4.) We are polite. This one is a "no brainer". You DESERVE and you SHOULD EXPECT understanding and courteous behavior from us.

5.) We are available. You can contact us however you wish; telephone, text (SMS), email, fax, etc.

About ImmigrationBond small business insurance

  • Small business specialists - focus on insuring professional businesses with less than 10 employees.
  • Customized coverage - we help customize coverage to your specific needs. No more, no less.
  • Great value - buy direct from ImmigrationBond and enjoy excellent service and real value for money.
  • Money back guarantee - be confident in your purchase with our 14 day guarantee.
  • Financial strength - ImmigrationBond Insurance Company Inc. is 'A' rated (Excellent) by A.M. Best.